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Sweet Like Magic


Rune's POV

I was annoyed, I wanted to enjoy dancing with random guy's and the last person I wanted to dance with is...Loke the pervert! I gave him a annoyed look while he smiled cocky like that pisses me off.

"Why so tense Rune-hime? I wont bite  enjoy this beautiful dance with me. I'll make sure you wont ever forget it." he whispered the last part in my ear sent shivers down my spine I enjoyed it to tell you the truth it felt familiar but I was scared of this new or was it old feelings surficing? So I end up being hold by Loke my head leaning on his shoulder while he leads me in the slow sweet dance.

But the sweet moment ended when I snap out of this trance it seems I push Loke arm length away head bowed "I-I have to go!" I ran away from the dancing couples I felt foolish! I told myself I'll never get attach to anyone but Ruby but when I was that pervert Loke my heart aches but I get scared it confuses me but also makes me mad.
I found the stage of the magic show signing up, I wanted to let loose it'll only be for five minutes...

Ruby's POV

When Laxus finally took me to the stage I saw Rune-san! She was signing up for the magic show contest? She's probably going to do that one thing for five minutes...I wonder if something bothered her so much she wants to do that? "Rune-san!" hugging her taking her by surprise "Ruby? There you are! Don't you ever disappear on me like that!" I smiled nervously when Rune-san was scolding me like a mother should do "Are you signing up?" I pointed to the signing sheet "Oh, want to sign in after me?"

I nodded grab the pen from Rune-san hand and put my name under Rune-san's name, I put the pen down on the sheet smiling "I'm so excited! but I also feel nervous..." I was actually jumping in happiness Rune-san had to put her hands on my shoulders holding me down she chuckled "Calm down kiddo~" I pouted "Don't call me that! Your worst then Laxus."
"What about me Loli?" I squeeked hide behind Rune-san peek out behind her a little seeing him smirk I blush "...? Did you just call her 'Loli'?" he shrugged "Why not? her pink hair reminds me of a a problem with it kitty?" I sweat drop when laxus teased Rune-san by calling her 'kitty'? Oh dear Rune-san is steaming mad. I had to hold her back the best I could when she tried to pounch on him to claw his eye's out "Let me go! I'll claw your fucking eye's out Laxus!"

He just laugh turn around walk to where Mira-san and his grandpa was at waving his hand at us "See ya Loli, kitty I go some judgeing to do."

"Grrr!! Get back here you son of-" I covered her mouth from yelling at the last part, sweat droping apolagizing to each of the parents who had their kid's ears covered "R-Rune-san! You shouldn't swear so carelessly! There are children apolagize." Now it was my turn too scold her she pouted childishly, and she's the oldest...I feel like I'm the mature one at the moment and I'm younger then her.


All the people that signed up was behind the stage getting ready for their magic show talent, I saw Lucy in one of her cute costume's she likes to wear "hi Lucy-chan!" she smiled "Hello Ruby-chan! I'm glad I'm not the only one to sign up I know...oh hi Rune-san! Your in the contest too?" Rune-san nodded "yep..." i sweat drop "D-don't mind Rune-san Lucy-chan...she's not very talkative right now." she shrugged "that's fine, oh it's starting~ I hope I'll win~ I'll get the jewels then have a vacation on the trip~" I giggled "Tsk, of course you'll be entering to win the jewels...oh will we'll see who will win Lucy-chan~"

Me and Lucy-chan sweat drop at Rune-san walking off "...Rune-san can be...very scary sometimes." I smiled apolagatic to Lucy-chan "Sorry about her...when she's in one of those moods she can get...scary as you say. It's also best if you stay away from her for a while...for her to cool off."

After hour's of watching other magic shows from other guilds Lucy was up then Rune-san, I hope she'll do okay.

Mira smiled cheerfully "Hi Rune-chan~ What are you going to show us?" Rune-san put one hand on her waist the other hand was agents her side "I'll use a simple magic...but it'll only last for five minutes tops." A magic circle appeared below her feet, the magic magenta colored circle slowly went up her body changing her looks now she has three sets of wings and markings appear all over her body making her hair was pulled down.
"Now...the spell I will cast I need a person if they will be happy to be my guinea pig for five minutes~" I sweat drop watching her on stage "really Rune-san..."

Rune-san was annoyed when no one wanted to raise their hand so she up and randomly grab someone from the addiance which was Natsu and Gray...wait, didn't she say one guinea pig? Why is she...oh dear, I put my hand over my face "Poor Natsu-kun, Gray-kun..."

I couldn't dare to watch Rune-san do that to our friends...specially that spell, but I peeked when there was squeeling and meowing...I saw a pink cat hissing at a black fure cat who was doing the same I sweat drop, before they could run away Rune-san snap her finger and they changed back laying on the stage floor groaning "oops...didn't I mention it has some effects when I change you back~" I sigh, Rune-san is just playing with them...
Rune-san change back to normal after the five minutes ran out, she walk off the stage "Your up Ruby, go break their legs~" Sometimes...she even scares me. I heard Mira-san call out my number and name I nervously walk out on stage with Usagi-kun in my arms.

"What are you going to do for us Ruby-chan~" I shyly smile "I'm going my magic I was born with...but I wish for different items like toy's or stuff animal if it's no trouble?" Mira-san smiled nod "Sure." Mira-san found three stuff animals, I told her to sit them in a line facing them and the addiance when she went back to her set between Laxus and Master I breath in and out sat Usagi-kun  next to the purple cat with a pink bow on the left ear good thing I put Usagi-kun asleep...but not for long after I change his body.

I took another breathe I close my eye's activated my magic took Usagi-kun's soul out hearing gasp in the addiance, I flinch remembering the villiger's calling me monster or demon child but I put that aside open my eye's with Usagi-kun's soul floating in my hand's. I walk to the first stuff animal which was a white bear with a red cape on it's back, I let the soul fly into the super bears body it raised his...paw in the air like waking up stretching "Huh? Why are you all staring at?" I smile nervously bend down "Usagi-kun, I'm showing everyone my magic."

I knew he wasn't going to be happy but I wanted to let go of my fears of rejection "What?!?!" sweat drop see him look down at his girlish body "Ahhh!! Put me back!" I giggled "I can't yet next~" I made Usagi-kun's soul fly out of the body making it go limp hearing the people aw'ed about it. It went on until Usagi-kun finally was put in his real body I felt bad but everyone enjoyed it making me so happy I walk back stage hugging Usagi-kun happily I wonder who will win?
Here's the 6th chapter~ I do not own anything But I do own my OC's~

Ruby (c) :iconspringflowergirl90:
Rune (c) :iconaverieartina:
AverieArtina Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Student
the winner would be...Rune and RUby~!! XDDDD LOL I wish so~Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] 
Elsas-Princess Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Don't worry ;)
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